Version 6.23

Minor amendment to the match page, the 'top line' of match details where we display the season and Competition is now a hyperlink to that season. For the previous 9 years it has been a static display and has annoyed me.

Version 6.22


Following the addition of the new progress wheels on both Player and Match pages, a new screen is now available for Admin users, that shows what work needs to be done for the Player/Match to be 100% complete.

Version 6.21

A new 'Match Data % Complete" wheel has been added to the frontend, replacing the dated looking percentage bar, the new wheel completes in real-time as the page is loaded.

This will become the new default percentage progress indicator that will be used across multiple pages.

The first new addition of this feature is on the player profile page, a profile is considered compete if the following are met:

  • Player name exists (including middle names and a different Common Name)
  • A Nationality exists
  • A Birthdate exists
  • A Birth Country exists
  • A Birthplace exists
  • At least one position is defined
  • The retired status of the player
  • If the player has at least ONE league career record added
  • The player has made at least ONE appearance either starting or as a used sub
  • Does the player have a complete active career from first-last season

Version 6.2

A new option to 'Edit Match' now appears for all Data Admins when viewing a match page, whilst logged in. This option should hopefully make it quicker to update details for one particular match rather than having to retrieve the whole season.

If when pressed you get aother login screen, simply go back and login to the admin section as normal, they try again. This isn't a bug, but a security measure.

Version 6.13

Minor new feature, on the footer bar you can now hit 'Random Match', and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It will take you to a random match from the database.

Version 6.12

Minor amendment to the frontend database statistics, to now include a 7-day running total of activity within the database.

Version 6.11

Minor change to the Competition, Match and Club Results pages, where if a matchdate is not known, the default date of 01/08 is no longer displayed, instead the text Not Known, appears in it's place.

Version 6.1

Minor addition to the OnThisDay page, following a suggestion from a user. I've added the venue details to each match, indicating (H)ome or (A)way. If you spot anything that you feel needs improving or fixing, please drop me a message:

Version 6.0

Match completion percentage is now fully automated and should update in realtime when amendments are made to the data. The rules applied to ensure a match is 100% complete as as follows:

  • Home & Away line-ups consist of at least 11 players (not including subs)
  • The number of goal events equals total number of goals scored in the match
  • Crowd exists
  • Ground exists
  • Half-time score exists
  • Substitutes (Both sides name at least 1 sub)
  • Referee exists
  • Kick-off exists
  • All event times have a timing, (goals, subs, bookings)

Version 5.41

Added a new highlight on the matchdetails page, around the outcome. Section now shows with a green background. Also corrected a minor display issue with the club badges

Version 5.4

New feature

When viewing a player profile, we have a new feature. Replacing the 'work in progress' milestones tab, we have a new AutoBio. option. This is a system generated Player Biography that is created and customised for each player. Features include:

  • Editorial style profile
  • Career summary, detailing start and end points
  • Highlights any signifcant transfer activity
  • Current database summary of appearances and goals
  • Details (where applicable) of death and age at the point of death

Version 5.3

A few of minor code fixes, one in the admin section and two in the frontend.

  • Amended an oversight in the original design of the 'Add Player' form. You can now create a player with the status of retired, rather than having the option only on edit. Nine and a half years with this issue, just never got around to fixing it
  • Player positions field label and data only displays if a player has at least one position assigned to them. Thus preventing Position:  
    With no data, no longer appearing on the frontend
  • The word Substitutes: Will now only appear if a team has known substitutes on the matchdetails page

Version 5.2

A code error was found, that prevented the status of Abandoned and Postponed Cup fixtures from displaying the correct outcome on the Competitions page (Cup games only).

Whilst this fix was located, a visual change was implemented to highlight A-A and P-P matches on all pages.

Version 5.1

A data corruption was preventing the viewing of the History Tab for Bury, this was caused by a duplicate record within the database.

Version 5.0

Stats provider for the National League

We are delighted to announce that we are now an Official supplier of Statistics and post match information for the Vanarama National League. As part of the agreement the 68 member clubs will provide us with a post match teamsheet, along with a huge paper based archive from the

Version 4.1

Twitter page launched

The Social Media platform was added to the site, generating #onthisday matchdetails for clubs, as well as Historical Moments and sharing programme covers.

Version 4.0

Latest and current logo design implemeted to the site

Version 3.0

New feature added to matches, whereby users can track if they attended the match and if they have a copy of the matchday programme.

  • Over 4600 'ticks' were completed in the first week
  • 12,100 'ticks' by the end of week 2

Version 2.3

All 2012/13 league results from level 1-11 have now been added to the site. We have nearly half a million match results online now.

Version 2.2

Intergration with external Football Programme provider ( to enable display of programme covers of over 60,000 programmes

Version 2.1

Large data imports carried out, to extend the database coverage beyond Grantham Town.

  • FA Premier League Data (1992-2010)
  • Football League Data (1946-2010)
  • Conference Leagues (1979-2010)
  • Non-league Data (Various seasons)
  • FA Cup Data (1946-2010)
  • Football League Cup Data (1969-2010)

Version 2.0

Re-write of all existing frontend pages to integrate seamleesly with SE (

  • Player profiles re-coded
  • Matchdetails re-coded
  • Competition re-coded
  • Club profiles re-coded
  • Stadium profiles re-coded
  • Search facility implemented

Version 1.2

Implementation of SE ( user database for a new frontend design

  • Integrate User profiles
  • Consistent page design
  • Activity feed
  • User management

Version 1.11

Frontend coding changes to prevent SQL injections applied to core coding of the site

Version 1.1

Backend database converted from MSSQL to MYSQL 

Version 1.0

Initial Site Launch, with ASP front and backend code, running on a MSSQL database

  • Data imports from the former Grantham Town Official website complete
  • Around 5000 matches (All containing Grantham Town) added to the database
  • Around 1800 players (All with Grantham Town connections) added to the database