That village team...

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That village team...

Postby St Albans Bianconeri on Sun May 14, 2017 6:07 pm

I just caught the last 15 minutes of the FGR game on the radio. Really unbelievable that this team that really were the joke of the BHM league now sit in the EFL. I'm sure Winston remembers one particularly rowdy bus trip home from the Lawn, equally I recall a season opener there when we decided to greet the team with black and white balloons. There were about 30 of us and 50 balloons so it was quite a job blowing them up. As I recall most of them were blown up by Charlie and Steve Hardman and I really thought we were going to lose Steve that day....after 2 balloons he really didn't look well!

Anyway, just got me thinking that sooner of later the Championship is going to look like a Grantham fixture list from the 80s. What irks me a little are the absence of people who laughed at Grantham for losing to a village team...and in one case the guy I got to go to his first Grantham game at the Meres v Burton (lost 0-1) and his verdict was that the football was good but Grantham really shouldn't be losing to a place as small as Burton?! Wonder how Leeds United feel about that?

The commentary made me grumpy too as the commentators repeatedly called Forest Green 'Rovers' seemingly unaware that another (and more famous) Rovers were also on the pitch. I did snigger when one of them complained that the viewing position at Wembley was 'too far from the pitch'. Tweets came in from all over the world 'long time FGR fan in Malawi' 'exiled FGR in Zurich' 'Nervous loyal FGR fan in Canada'...wonder how many of those committed were among the crowd of 89 there in Martin O'Neill's second season?

On a more fun note I see people are still believing Mr Harrop's 'I'm going to announce a buyer soon' claim. I do feel for people like Duncan Payne who are working hard for a club they love but it's hard not to snigger after the comments we had at the beginning of the season from some of their number. Some of whom are now looking at a merger with tenants Aston FC with one fan suggesting they could be rebranded as IlkASTON fc!

And then there's Frickley....oh dear...memories of 1999 and the dark era...
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Re: That village team...

Postby Cockney Gingerbread on Fri May 26, 2017 12:51 am

Forest Green v Grantham Attendances
85/86: 190
86/87: 145
87/88: 133
88/89: 89

89/90: 140
90/91: 70
89/90: 110

92/93: 132
93/94: 143
94/95: 108

The colours in blue were when they went by the name of Stroud - they changed their name to try and increase their support and catchment area but abandoned it when it didn't work - just 70 for the game in 90/91 and I was one of them!

Of course, we will probably never strike as lucky with an owner with such deep pockets but it is another reason not too get too depressed about our recent attendances. With the right "head wind" interest can be rekindled and Grantham has a bigger potential then many at this level (and more than Forest Green) to do so.

FGR averaged 1,753 in the National League last season - which is not huge at that level but not too shabby either
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