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Players: 287278 ( 115)

Player Careers: 324539 ( 858)

Matches: 929417 ( 1858)

Goals: 212787 ( 573)

Teams: 8613 ( 14)

Appearances: 1772360 ( 5563)

Images: 4751

Matchdate ?: 11014 (1.19%)

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Welcome to an online collaboration project for football stats. Our aim is simple, to allow many users to contribute to one large single project to include as many match, player and club details as possible. If you are interested in joining the project sign-up for an account today.
Is lockdown getting you down ? - 27/04/2020
We are currently looking for members to join our data admin team. If you have an interest in a particular club or league, or just stats in general and have some spare time to join our growing team of volunteers, then contact us
2 hour(s) ago
Phil Watt added a league career for player ? Marsden
3 hour(s) ago
Simon Bayliss updated player Darren Huckerby
3 hour(s) ago
Simon Bayliss updated player Seán Mannion
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