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Welcome to an online collaboration project for football stats. Our aim is simple, to allow many users to contribute to one large single project to include as many match, player and club details as possible. If you are interested in joining the project sign-up for an account today.
Back into lockdown we go - 04/01/2021
Not a totally unexpected announcement from the government as we once again plunged into lockdown. If you find yourselves at a loose end and you have an interest in stats, why not join the data admin team. The site became very busy in March 2020 during the first lockdown and we wish the growrh to continue. Simply sign-up for an account and then send us a message if you would like to join the team.
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Darren Young added a league career for player Liam Dolman
58 minute(s) ago
Philip Withers added a league career for player ? Stainson
58 minute(s) ago
Philip Withers added player ? Stainson
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