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My First Match

08/11/1997     Farsley Celtic (1908) 5-2 Trafford, Northern Premier Division One

My Latest Match

14/03/2020     Darlington 2-4 Farsley Celtic, National League North

I have attended 234 matches, during which I have visited 29 different grounds.

My Programme Collection

05/05/1983 - Hall Road Rangers v Farsley Celtic (1908) - Northern Counties East League Division One North

20/08/2005 - Farsley Celtic (1908) v Witton Albion - Northern Premier League

23/08/2005 - Blyth Spartans v Farsley Celtic (1908) - Northern Premier League

27/08/2005 - Ilkeston Town (1945) v Farsley Celtic (1908) - Northern Premier League

Matches played on the day I was born

My Programme Gallery

I have 4 programmes, in my Farsley Celtic collection

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(Currently only 90, due to Coventry City ground sharing with Birmingham City and Bury being removed)