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My First Match

22/04/2000     Boston United 3-1 Grantham Town, Southern League Premier Division

My Latest Match

26/09/2017     Grantham Town 6-1 Sutton Coldfield Town, Northern Premier League

I have attended 10 matches, during which I have visited 3 different grounds.

My Programme Collection

22/04/2000 - Boston United v Grantham Town - Southern League Premier Division

06/05/2000 - Grantham Town v Crawley Town - Southern League Premier Division

16/09/2000 - Grantham Town v Bedworth United - FA Cup

01/12/2001 - Grantham Town v Frickley Athletic - FA Trophy

20/07/2013 - Grantham Town v Lincoln City - Friendly (England)

07/12/2013 - Grantham Town v Ashton United - Northern Premier League

29/03/2014 - Witton Albion v Grantham Town - Northern Premier League

Matches played on the day I was born

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I have 7 programmes, in my Grantham Town collection

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