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My First Match

05/08/2023     Derby County 1-2 Wigan Athletic, League One

My Latest Match

01/12/2023     York City 0-1 Wigan Athletic, FA Cup

I have attended 21 matches, during which I have visited 4 different grounds.

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13/01/1954 - Wigan Athletic v Newcastle United - FA Cup

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I have 1 programmes, in my Wigan Athletic collection

92 Club Progress

DW Stadium - 16/09/2023  Wigan Athletic 2-1 Cambridge United - League One

Memorial Stadium - 23/09/2023  Bristol Rovers 4-1 Wigan Athletic - League One

Racecourse Ground - 08/08/2023  Wrexham 0-0 Wigan Athletic - Football League Cup

You have visited 3% of the 92 grounds